Hi! I'm Deanna.

I'm a Vancouver-based creative, with a diploma in UX Design, and a Bachelor's in Fashion, Design & Technology.

After six years in the fashion industry, I realized that my knowledge and drive to help others could be applied to other fields as well. I took a leap into UX, and have since gained the skills and capabilities to design creative and intuitive digital user experiences. My desire to work closely with end users is ever present and I will continue to produce work with human-centered design guiding me forward.

I have a passion in continual learning; about tech, fashion, and the way humans interact with the world to elicit emotions.

What makes us more human than recognizing that what we do every day can change how it makes us feel?


When I'm not designing something, you can find me playing cute video games, drinking dairy-free tea, or practicing with my watercolour paints!


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